Photo by Ashley Laurel Photography

Photo by Ashley Laurel Photography

Kristin Westbrook, Founder

Kristin saw the need to create a convenient calm space to meditate that didn't require travel or a large time commitment. She is an enthusiastic proponent of the practice, as it helped her navigate the health care system through two episodes of breast cancer. Kristin began meditating in 2001. She is a certified meditation teacher and has fulfilled the requirements for the 100-hour Meditation Teacher Training as prescribed by the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science. Kristin has completed the Mindful Schools 16 hour Mindfulness Fundamentals course. She is also trained in the Transcendental Meditation technique.



Marlie McGovern, Teacher

Marlie McGovern, E-RYT, RPYT, MA, teaches meditative and somatic practices from the contemplative traditions of Yoga and Buddhism, informed by contemporary insights from Western psychology. With an educational background in cultural anthropology and psychology, Marlie is fascinated by how we experience ourselves and others in the world. She specializes in restorative yoga, a deep and effective practice of fully supported asana that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and facilitates exploration of the subtle limbs of yoga. She leads Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops open to caregivers, therapists, physicians, and anyone seeking to learn stress reduction and relaxation techniques. Marlie is the Program Director for the Nalanda Institute’s Yoga Mind & Spirit and Meditation Teacher Training programs.



Mike D'Amore

Mike joined the mobile meditation station in the summer of 2017. Among his many responsibilities, he is Calm City's primary driver, which can be a harrowing experience when navigating through the streets of New York. But Mike executes this and his other duties with calm, mindfulness, and an amazing sense of humor.


A special thanks to everyone who helped the dream of Calm City become a reality. Jeff Westbrook, John May, Priscilla May, Felix Brow-Westbrook, Jeff Smith, Caroline Linder, Susan Ceccarelli, Dana Triwush, Ken Triwush, Christy Hackney, Jennifer Merschdorf, Jeff Gannon, Susan Wands, Sharon Emerson, Wendy Fox, Yasemin Jones, Anne-Margaret Redding, Susan Solovay, David Van Arsdale and Holly Newton.


1976 GMC RV Renovation Story

Calm City was an idea that needed a home. Purchased from a family in Connecticut that hadn't gone camping in years, this classic RV was gutted and renovated by Kristin Westbrook and her very talented stepfather, mother and stepson, John and Priscilla May and Felix Brow-Westbrook and a lot of help from the friends above. The RV was transformed from dingy brown plaid and faux wood to bright colors and a calming aesthetic in just four months.