Calm City delivers the practice of meditation directly to you

Meditation programs available in our mobile studio or on-site in your space



• Modern 100 square foot meditation studio housed in a classic RV
• Boutique studio experience with the convenience of a food truck
• Audio-guided and live meditation sessions for up to 9 people at a time


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What customers are saying…

“I could still hear the honking cars and hissing subway trains outside the van, but with a few deep inhalations and exhalations,
I was able to find a bit of Zen. Another gong signaled the end of the session. I stepped out of the van and back onto Broadway,
parting through the sea of tourists a bit more at peace than I had been before.” —NY Post, Christian Gollayan

"Thanks again for a wonderful mediation session. My team loved it and it brought us together in a new way." —Danielle Becker,
NYC Regional Sales Manager

“The studio is incredibly calming and really beautiful and welcoming. I loved the meditation, such an incredible break from the crazy city. Just a short amount of time made a big difference.”
—Ellie Cobb, Ph.D.

“My mind was focused and I felt energized after just one session.”
—Dana Triwush, Publisher, Aperture Magazine


"I am a beginner at meditation. And it does not come easily to me. The truck was like a little oasis and helped me focus in a really soft way. I left a little clearer and a lot calmer. I've been twice and love it."
—Seth Jones, Art Director